Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a route?

  1. Press + to open the Route Edit Screen for a New Route
  2. Long Press somewhere on the map to set the Start Location of the route
  3. Long Press somewhere else to set the End Location of the route
  4. Long Press again to extend the route, and set the current end to become a waypoint
  5. Press Done to save the route.

How do I create a circular route?

Create a route as usual, and add waypoints until the furthest distance you want to travel from the start, then press the 'Return to Home' button (above the search button on the top toolbar in the edit screen). This will complete the route from the last waypoint back to the start.

Can I override or change the suggested route between two places?

If the routing service suggests an unsuitable route between two waypoints or you simply don't like the route, you can insert additional waypoints to ensure the route passes through particular locations. To insert a waypoint, first select an existing waypoint before the one you want to insert, by tapping that waypoint. The waypoint marker will expand in size. Next long press on the map as usual to create the additional waypoint.

How do I upload my route to a Garmin Edge?

First transfer the route to your Garmin Connect account (called Courses in Garmin Connect), by sharing it with the Garmin Connect app on your phone. Follow the Garmin documentation to sync your Courses onto the Garmin Edge head unit.

There is more information in the User Guide about uploading to Garmin Edge devices.

How do I upload my route to a Wahoo Elemnt?

Transfer the route by sharing it with the Wahoo Elemnt Companion app on your phone. Follow the Wahoo documentation to sync routes on the Companion app to your Wahoo Elemnt head unit.

There is more information in the User Guide about uploading to Wahoo Elemnt devices.

Can I follow/navigate a route using this app when riding?

No, Bike Routes is designed to be the best possible app from creating, editing and managing routes. If you prefer to navigate using your smartphone mounted on your bike, rather than use a dedicated cycle computer, there are many great apps out there, most of which you can upload your route to.

Can I transfer my route to my favourite navigation app for riding?

Yes, by using Bike Routes Premium and as long as the navigation app can accept and import third party routes in one of GPX, TCX or FIT format.

Can I 'ride' my route on a smart indoor trainer?

Yes, if you have a suitable smart trainer and head unit or virtual training app (such as Rouvy or TACX Training App). The trainer must have a 'sim mode' where it dynamically changes its resistance according to the elevation profile of the route.

The route would need to be loaded into a compatible cycle computer which would then the paired with the smart trainer. Set the cycle computer to indoor mode before starting. Both Garmin Edge and Wahoo Elemnt with the latest firmware support this feature.

Or with Rouvy, import the route as an 'activity' in the Rouvy dashboard. The route you import must be a TCX file. Create a Rouvy route from the activity, before deleting the uploaded activity.

Can I import a ride that I've recorded and convert it to a route?

Absolutely. If you've recorded a ride on a dedicated GPS cycle computer or on another app (e.g. Strava) and you can obtain the activity file in GPX, TCX or FIT format then you can import it into Bike Routes and it will be automatically converted into a route.

For more information on importing routes check here.

What countries have coverage?

Bike Routes works globally in every country in the world with the default configuration. The only restriction is if you select the optional routing service OSRM which we currently operate for the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand only.

Does the app work offline?

No. You will require an internet connection in order to view the maps and also to edit or update routes. However you do not need an internet connection to export or share a route that you have created earlier.

Whats included in Bike Routes Premium?

You need Bike Routes Premium to export routes to your cycle computer, navigation app or to share routes with friends.

Bike Routes Premium is available as a single one off In-App Purchase.