The Offline Password Manager.

Store internet passwords and logins with Surepass Password Manager. Your passwords are saved and encypted locally on your device and not in the cloud. Now only remember one password.

  • No more struggling to remember dozens of passwords and logins
  • No monthly or annual subscriptions to pay
  • No need to sign up for an account
  • No Ads

For help and support please email us at

Secure local storage

Your passwords are stored locally on your device using industry standard AES-256 encryption and all data files exported can also be encrypted using AES-256 encryption algorithms.

Touch ID & Face ID

Fully integrated with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the Face ID sensor for easy and secure access. Surepass has been optimised for all iPhone and iPad screen sizes, taking advantage of the larger screen of the iPad to display more information. Easily search for a password in seconds.

Sync with AirDrop

Synchronising multiple devices is easy with AirDrop so there's no need to upload your personal data to the cloud. Passwords can be imported and exported in encrypted csv format. They can also be imported from other password managers as plain csv from email attachments, via iTunes file sharing or by using AirDrop.